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  • Evoline 3 ST Mezcal Helmet - Shark

  • Part # HE9348DKUOXS
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  • The Shark Evoline 3 ST is a modular helmet that truly and safely transforms from a full face to an open face helmet in one easy upward motion. We have all seen people with modular helmets cruising around with the chin bar in the upright position. It is a natural desire to want more airflow on a hot summer day. Virtually every other modular helmet on the market is not engineered to absorb an impact with the chin bar in the open position however the Evoline 3 ST accomplishes just that. Evoline 3 ST owners can enjoy the comforts of an open face helmet around town then drop the chin bar for added protection before entering a highway. In addition to the inherent versatility, the Evoline 3 ST is packed with creature comforts like a CoolMax liner and a drop down internal sun shield. Great for long distance riding, inner city commuting and anything in between, the Shark Evoline 3 ST offers riders an unrivaled level of comfort, protection and freedom.
  • • Lexan Polycarbonate shell.
  • • Shark Easy Fit system for comfortable use with glasses.
  • • Sharktooth ready.
  • • Integrated drop down sun shield.
  • • Removable and washable CoolMax liner.
  • • DOT approved.
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