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  • Variant Battlescar Helmet - Icon

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  • Icon Variant Battlescar Helmet

    Gazing down the barrel reveals a clarity of purpose. A single-minded mission devoid of right or wrong. The Variant Battlescar understands this unequivocally. The raw shell, tinted in variegated shades of dark earth and covert green, it is truly unique amongst its contemporaries. It is both unrefined and elegant. A natural beauty with a penchant for three-round bursts.

    It’s a matter of survival. In an unforgiving maze of gravel–strewn corners and malevolent steel, a rider needs protection, vision and comfort. The call to arms has been answered. Introducing the Icon Variant ™ helmet. The wind tunnel-refined shell, executed in a Fiberglass/Dyneema/Carbon matrix, forms a solid first line of defense. Internally, a dual-density EPS core provides critical Energy Management which reduces transmitted impact forces.

    Of course safety is best maintained by avoiding the crash altogether. To this end, the Variant features a reshaped eyeport which provides enhanced peripheral vision. The Variant’s unique visor system also contributes to improved vision. When properly designed, such as on the Variant, the visor can help block bright sunlight while producing minimal lift characteristics. Couple this with our Fog-Free coating and it is obvious why the vision aspects of the Variant are superior.

    Another important method of increasing safety is to reduce rider fatigue. Excessive heat buildup can result in both discomfort and distraction. Neither is a good situation. The Variant’s extensive venting system works at all speeds, providing necessary airflow to the helmet interior. The airflow works in conjunction with the wicking Hydradry™ liner to effectively reduce heat buildup.


    • All world standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (us), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) & SG (japan) safety and testing standards. Does not ship with SAI or SG certification stickers unless purchased from an authorized dealer in that country
    • Fiberglass/dyneema/carbon fiber shell
    • Long oval headform
    • Wind tunnel tested and refined
    • Anti-lift visor to reduce glare
    • Multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports
    • Molded eps nose reduces shield fogging
    • Quick-change fog-free shield
    • Fully removable/washable hydradry™ interior
    • Rear spoiler for reduced helmet buffeting
    • Removable chin curtain
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