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  • Womens Stryker Vest - Icon

  • Part # 2701-0609
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  • Icon Womens Field Armor Stryker Vest

    Icon once said that 'their crashes’ were violent street episodes. And that is God’s honest truth. Vicious tumbling encounters across two lanes of coarse asphalt. Icon knows the pain of the street crash first hand. That is the driving reason behind the creation of their Field Armor Stryker series.

    The Stryker series contains elements of CE certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The CE certified PPE conforms to defined European motorcycle safety standards for specified impact protection. While no PPE, no matter how extensive, can offer full protection against injury or death, the Field Armor Styrker PPE can help sway the outcome in your favor. Accept that you will crash and then outfit yourself accordingly.

    The Women' s Field Armor Stryker vest features all of the same construction and CE certification standards as the Mens version but has been retailored for a woman's fit. The back armor plate has been made slightly shorter by changing to a five or six plate arrangement. Additionally, the midriff and velcro adjustment straps have been rescaled for a proper fit. Of course the main function of the vests back protector, enhanced protection, remains intact as the Womens version meets applicable CE certification standards for back protectors.

    • EN 1621-2/03/AC2006 CE Approved Stryker Back Armor
    • d3o Breathable back insert, with custom molded icon geometry
    • Articulating injection molded back armor with air flow channels
    • Injection molded chest plate with integrated air intakes
    • Vented bio foam and air mesh chassis
    • Hydra dry moisture wicking liner
    • Highly adjustable waist and shoulder straps
    • Low-profile design fits under most jackets
    • Women specific fit

    D3O® Intelligent Shock Absorption™ is a patented, shock absorbing material, engineered with Intelligent Molecules that flow with you as you move, but lock together on shock to absorb the impact energy. D3O® is rate sensitive, meaning that when moved slowly, the molecules flow freely, making it soft and flexible. At high speeds however–like in an impact–the molecules lock together, making the material an excellent shock absorber. The whole process occurs instantly, returns to its original state as soon as the impact is over, and is repeatable. These qualities make it perfect for any application where you need total freedom of movement and excellent shock absorption. D3O™ is also extremely low profile, meaning it integrates seamlessly into garments, so neither style nor function has to be compromised.

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