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  • S2 Helmet - Schuberth

  • Part # 4327013360
  • Price: $599.99
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  • Upgrades to the S2 from the S1 include lighter, more compact, more aerodynamic, an improved sun visor with more coverage, more reflective materials, more convenient location of sun visor lever, microlock clasp is more adjustable than S1 "seatbelt" style retention system. Removable vent cover to clean vent holes.

    • World’s only helmet with integrated dual antenna for FM and Bluetooth reception
    • "Trim spoiler" along the bottom of the helmet to reduce drag and noise
    • Air Extraction System flows to base of head and back up and out, creating a siphon effect, which pulls 2.6 gallons (10 liter) of air through the helmet
    • Two shell sizes
    • Internal sun visor is removable
    • Uses the same face shield as the Schuberth C3
    • Removable and washable Thermo Cool liner
    • Improved SRCS-2 Bluetooth intercom system with improved range and speakers (optional)
    • Removable top vent cover for cleaning bugs/dirt from vent holes
    • Reduced profile summer/winter dual chin curtain
    • Exceeds DOT and ECE safety ratings
    • Patented Anti Roll Off System (AROS)
    • "Turbulators" on face shield break up air to reduce drag and noise
    • Helmets developed and tested in Schuberth's own Acoustic Wind Tunnel
    • Glass fibers are woven into S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber instead of being hand-laid or blown, which creates consistent thickness in shell so it is lighter and stronger

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