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  • SR1 Helmet - Schuberth

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  • Schuberth SR1 Technology Helmet

    The Schuberth SR-1 helmet is one of the most technologically advanced helmets available. The SR1 is a super-sport helmet which has been developed for optimum performance on the racetrack, and is both ECE and DOT certified. Thanks to its advanced aerodynamics the helmet is at all times stable in the wind and even at high speeds creates no upward lift.

    Outer Shell:

    • The outer shell of the SR1 is offered in three shell sizes and combines an aerodynamically optimal shape suitable for racing with excellent protection
    • Shell material: S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber and carbon
    • Special glass fiber reinforced special duroplast matrix with an additional carbon layer to ensure extremely low weight
    • The glass fiber-carbon compound is compressed in a vacuum at a pressure of 4.5 bar to form a helmet shell which is exceptionally sturdy

    Inner Shell:

    • Made of specially optimized EPS foam
    • Used exclusively by Schuberth
    • Complex multizone foaming allows optimal shock absorption

    Inner Lining:

    • In addition to its excellent fit, the pad system of the SR1 also stands out on account of the complex ventilation and extraction system
    • Double-coated Coolmax suspension, skin-friendly with very good warming properties, transports moisture
    • Variable for effective ventilation
    • Fully removable and washable
    • Ergonomic design for maximum wear comfort
    • Antiallergenic / antibacterial material

    Faceshield Mechanism:

    • Extremely quick replacement of the visor shield with Schuberth's push-release system
    • Simple and convenient handling
    • Visor shield is installed and removed without tools
    • Faceshield is Pinlock-ready
    • Pinlock is guaranteed condensation-free thanks to its double glazing technology

    Schuberth A.R.O.S.:

    The Anti-Roll-Off System (A.R.O.S.) especially developed by Schuberth is provided as a safety feature in every Schuberth motorcycle helmet. It ensures that provided the chinstrap is closed and correctly adjusted:

    • The helmet cannot pivot off the head from behind
    • The risk of contact between the chin section of the helmet and the chin or neck of the rider is minimized due to the small angle of tilt
    • The consequences of the helmet coming into contact with the chest as the result of an accident are reduced
    • Race-proven double-D fastener system enables the chinstrap length to be set easily and precisely


    • Aerodynamic shape
    • Upward lift = 0!
    • Directionally stable
    • No oscillatory tendency
    • No buffeting
    • The D-Force spoiler enables the SR1 to be adjusted to the riding posture in such a manner that ideal behavior of the helmet in the air flow is guaranteed at all times


    • Schuberth motorcycle and racing helmets are developed and optimized under scientific conditions in the Schuberth wind tunnel
    • Installation of a wind deflector enables the aeroacoustics and consequently the noise level to be improved still further
    • Approximately 88dB(A) at 100 km per hour (with closed machines)


    • Visor vent to reduce faceshield fogging
    • 2 head ventilation inlets (adjustable)
    • 2-way chin vent for targeted distribution of the incoming air in the helmet
    • 3-way chin vent
    • Variable pad system
    • Visor vent
    • Head vent
    • Ventilation and cooling of the cheek pads
    • Active air extraction system

    DOT and ECE-R 22.05 certified.

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