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  • Pilot Road 2 - Michelin

  • Part # 879678
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  • In 2007, Michelin is launching a series-produced tire capable of reconciling longevity with optimum wet grip. This balance was achieved using Michelin’s famous MotoGP technology and its unique strategy of transferring solutions developed in competition to series-produced tires. All shapes and sizes of Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires, both front and rear, are made with Two-Compound Technology (2CT) 2CT combines different rubber types on the tread surface to optimize performance in each specific zone. Used on the Michelin Pilot Road 2, this technology provides excellent traction on wet roads owing to the soft rubber on the shoulders and less wear at the tread center where the rubber is more resistant. As a result, the new Michelin Pilot Road 2 combines qualities that were previously thought to be mutually exclusive. Its excellent grip on wet roads ensures a safe ride while its remarkable wear-resistance offers unprecedented longevity.
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